From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#89, 12 March 2007

First, I forgot to mention last week that anybody interested in receiving item numbers for the books featured in BookThink's Top 10 on eBay may subscribe to our free item-number email list by writing me at

Second, BookThink's History Editor William Klimon offers up some serious flashpoints today in "Collecting and Selling the '100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century.'" The above referenced list, which originally appeared on the HarperCollins website, includes such unlikely (but perennially profitable) bedfellows as Alcoholics Anonymous, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy and Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums. Bill draws from his personal experience with three other titles on this list that also have significant bookselling potential and discusses them in detail.

Third, in keeping with this spiritual theme, if you liked Catherine Petruccione's interview with author J.C. Hallman last week, you won't want to miss Part II - a conversation about Hallman's second book. From Cathy's introduction: "In ... The Devil is a Gentleman: Exploring America's Religious Fringe, J.C. Hallman has a different traveling companion. This time it is the spirit of philosopher and psychologist William James. As Hallman conducts an up close and personal exploration of some of the most unusual religious groups in America, he evokes the words and spirit of James, encouraging the author (and us, his readers) to open our hearts and minds to a broad spectrum of human beliefs."

Finally, by the time this issue goes live on Sunday evening, I'll be headed for parts unknown in a pontoon boat, of all things, island hopping in the British Virgin Islands for a few days. Should anything urgent arise in my absence, please feel free to contact Associate Editor Pamela Palmer at

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