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by Craig Stark

#86, 22 January 2007

Last month 50/50 subscribers received an issue consisting entirely of horse titles. 20 of the 25 featured titles were non-fiction - our typical emphasis - and there was also a 5-title nod to series horse books that do well sold as lots on eBay. Apart from this, there was no other fiction, though in this case we could have devoted an entire issue to it (and no doubt will at some point). Horse fiction, along with its accompanying or associated illustrative content, is both numerous and highly collectible, especially vintage young adult fiction.

No doubt many of us could list a number of important authors and illustrators to look for, but my guess is that author Dorothy Lyons wouldn't be cited often among them. Hard to say why. Lyons produced 12 books in her career, all published in significant numbers by a major publisher, all but one illustrated by a collectible artist, and intensely interested fans still pay bookseller friendly prices for every one of them. Whatever the explanation, today's BookThinker showers her with some long overdue publicity. This is one author that booksellers should take special note of.

Finally, for purposes of making things more intuitive, we have made some changes to the BookThink main menu that appears in the left column of most of BookThink's pages - which now number, by the way, 841!

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