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by Craig Stark

#84, 25 December 2006

Well, I hope you brought your thinking caps with you today - or, in the immortal words of P.G. Wodehouse's Bertram Wooster, "ate fish." Science Fiction Editor Timothy Doyle takes on some fundamental philosophical topics today in his monthly column, among them eschatology. Don't know what eschatology is? You'll soon find out, and what's more, there's bookselling profits afoot.

Second up is Dan Martin. Dan originally approached us several months ago and requested that BookThink review his first novel, Journey Back. Though we weren't able to accommodate him, I suggested instead that he pen an article on his experiences getting his book published. The resulting piece is an unusually interesting insider's look at the struggle many writers face when attempting to make it in a business that, ultimately, we booksellers profit from on the back end.

Finally, it's that time of year again - another new year in the offing. Speaking of struggling, based on forum chatter here, there and everywhere, it seems that a lot of booksellers took it in the chin in 2006. And, as always, there were some who grew their businesses in spite of increasing competition, higher costs of doing business, and diminishing sources of inventory. What's their secret? Find out at BookThink!

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