From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#84, 18 December 2006

In Part I of "How to Package Books," I suggested the use of b-flute for packaging books on the basis of three criteria: high protection level for contents, high packaging speed, and low materials cost. Today, I'll explain how to use b-flute in as much detail as I've ever written about it. I think some of you may be surprised to see how useful it is in meeting not only conventional packaging needs but also those that arise out of special applications.

BookThink's Children's Books Editor Guusje Moore is here today, but the topic isn't children's books. I think most of us could share stories about how books and other items we've sold have had a powerful impact on the lives of their buyers. As I've said before, I think the highest purpose a bookseller serves is to return books to their rightful owners. Guusje experienced something like this recently, and I think you'll agree that the outcome was indeed special.


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