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by Craig Stark

#83, 11 December 2006

It's Steve Weber's turn again, and this time he discusses something you may not have been aware of - an Amazon tool that allows Pro-Merchant sellers to bulk upload listings. It's a great time saver. Find out how to do it today.

Travis McFarland is our brave bookseller this month - braving, that is, a Bookseller Profile. Would that all of you were so brave. In any case, Travis, though only two years in the business, has also braved something else - a business model that requires some sophisticated bookselling knowledge. He specializes in modern signed first editions, collectible children's books and other hard to find items. As always, it makes insightful reading, and don't forget to click into his eBay Store when you're done and buy a book or two. I guaranteed that it would happen!

Finally, you may have noticed a new banner advertiser on BookThink's home page - MediaScouter. I know that many of don't use ScoutPal or similar cell-phone lookup systems because of reception issues. MediaScouter solves this problem by allowing you to download frequently updated pricing information into a PDA. No matter where you are, therefore, you'll have access to online book prices. MediaScouter also supports the use of bar code scanners and has an option sound alert when you come across books at or above a value you choose. Find out more about it here.

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