Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#82, 27 November 2006

First, I've written a brief update to last week's eBay Stores article that may explain, in part, why my November sales are setting a record for me. If you haven't read my note in the forum about this, take a look at the article. There may still be time to give your holiday sales a boost.

Second, is it too early to start thinking about 2007? Heck no, and if you've been kicking around some ideas for growing your businesses next year, I have a zinger for you to consider: Upgrade your packaging method. If you're spending too much money on packaging materials or too much time packaging - or both - and still sending books off with a prayer that they'll arrive safely, the method I've used with success for almost seven years addresses all three issues better than any I know of.

Bookhunters, a heads up: A BookHunt update will be available in early December. If you have already purchased BookHunt or purchase it prior to the release date, you'll receive an email with the new version zipped and attached. If for any reason this delivery method won't work for you, contact us, and we'll provide an alternative. The following new features have been added:

  1. A capability of performing up to 50 simultaneous searches (previously only 10) using 5 pages of 10.

  2. An option to play sound when the window pops up.

  3. An option to sort results by title, number of bids, price, and Buy-it-Now price.

  4. A log file of recent items found.

For more information on BookHunt, click here.

Purchase it here.

Finally, we've set up a new forum on BookThink's forum page - Book Grading Workshop. The plan is to use this as a platform for discussing the establishment of a standard book grading system, whether by promoting the use of an existing system or creating a new one. All participants are welcome, no matter what your level of experience - and fresh eyes and common sense are most welcome of all! As I mentioned last week, the presence of a precise, widely used grading system will benefit booksellers in the long run because it will give us something to build buyer trust on.

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