Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#73, 24 July 2006

Guusje Moore dances onto the BookThink stage today, and the theme song is children's books with a show biz angle - and a special emphasis on ballet. As always, key authors in the genre are identified and flashpoints abound. Speaking of flashpoints, Guusje also illustrates a pattern in books with special value: The best ones often possess two or more flashpoints.

Also back is Book Repair Editor Gail Altman, this time to show how to repair books with two of the more common problems booksellers encounter - split hinges and cracked spines. Sometimes it makes sense to replace the endpapers and/or recase the book; sometimes not. Gail presents two damaged books that require the simpler repairs. Fast and cheap!

Thanks go out to those who purchased BookHunt this week. If you've used it all, I'm sure you've made back your purchase price by now and then some. We experienced some delivery problems the first day or so and either had to email BookHunt as an .exe attachment (which some email providers - for example, Microsoft Outlook - will not accept) or send buyers to an off-site download page. The problem was solved, however, and all future transactions and downloads should proceed smoothly at BookHunt's home base.

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