A Brief Bibliography
of Gardening and Related Books in the GWV Library

selected by Pamela Palmer*

#72, 10 July 2006

Selected from "The Art and Architectural Library at Biltmore," compiled by Stapleton Dabney Gooch, IV and published in The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers Papers, IV, 1967.

Amherst, Hon. Alicia. A History of Gardening in England. 2nd ed. London, 1896.

Czullik, A. Wiener Garten im vorigen Jahrhundert. Vienna, 1891.
      [Viennese Garden in the Last Century]

Downing, A.J. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardens. 1st
      ed. New York, 1841.

Fouquier, Marcel. De l'art des jardins du XVe au XXe siécle. Lim. ed. Paris, 1911.

Gathy, Alfred. Book of Sun-Dials. London, 1890.

Jessen, P. Gartenanlagen und Gartendecorationen nach alten Vorbildern. Berlin,
      [Garden Layout and Garden Decoration According to Old Pictures]

Loudon, J.C. Arboretum et fruticetum Brittanicum. 2nd ed. 8 vols. London, 1844.

Loudon, Mrs. J.C. Instructions in Gardening for Ladies. 1st ed. London, 1840.

______. The Ladies' Companion to the Flower Garden. 6th ed. London, 1853.

Lounsberry, Alice. Gardens Near The Sea. New York: 1910.

Mangin, Arthur. Les jardins, histoire et déscription. Tours, 1867.

Marshall, William. A Review of the Landscape, Also of an Essay on the
      Picturesque; Together with the Practical Remarks on Rural Ornaments
. 1st ed.
      London, 1795.

Mason. W. The English Garden. London, 1783.

Nicholson, George. The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening. 4 vols. New York, n.d.

Pueckler-Muskae, Hermann von, prince. Atlas of Landscape Gardening. 1st ed.
      Stuttgart, n.d.

Robinson, W. The Parks, Promenades and Gardens of Paris. London, 1869.

Triggs, H. Inigo. The Art of Garden Design in Italy. 1st ed. London, 1906.

______. Formal Gardens in Italy and Scotland. 1st ed. London, 1902.

*[ASSOCIATE EDITOR'S NOTE: Title translations, appearing in brackets, are educated guesses at best and not guaranteed.]


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