Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#69, 29 May 2006

Some of you may have noticed a new staff member on our AboutUs page - namely, Terra-Leigh Baghurst. Terra-Leigh has started work on a BookThink project that we hope to develop, in time, into a major bookselling news source. We're calling it BookThink's NewsFlash, and it'll be just what the name implies - a regular bookselling news report. Sometimes the news will be timely and major, sometimes not as timely but important and/or intriguing enough to merit exposure in any case. Sometimes the news will be bookseller driven - and if you're a bookseller who thinks you have a hot item that others need to know about, write to Terra-Leigh. When news of any stamp is especially important, we'll send a special newsletter to all BookThinker subscribers as soon as it becomes available. As well, book industry principals who haven't already been contacted are invited to forward their news items to Terra-Leigh. We can't guarantee publication but will give careful consideration to all submissions. Write Terra-Leigh here.

History Editor Bill Klimon begins a two-part magic show today - well, almost. What he will do is show you much about magic books that you didn't know. Part I focuses on the high end of the market and details important references for collectors and dealers engaged in this specialty.

Finally, I'd like talk briefly about some upcoming premium newsletters. First, look for a special May 50/50 issue devoted to home schooling publications. Some of you may already know that this market sector is seasonal (not to mention hot) - and the season is almost upon us. Second, I've received more than several emails recently inquiring about what booksellers can do to make more money - or grow their businesses - besides upping their average sales prices or increasing their inventory on the low end. (The latter strategy, you may already be aware of, isn't something I'm fond of for reasons that have been cited in previous newsletters.) Well, yes, there definitely are other things that can be done to help the cause, and this will be the focus of the June Gold Edition. These aren't techniques that I've discussed in any detail previously, but they're becoming increasingly important in this changing market we're forever adapting to. Find out why. Find out how. This will be ... let's see ... Part VI of our series on how to become a full-time bookseller. New subscriptions will continue to be started with Part I of the series, so this is a great way to get on board without having to invest hard-earned money in back issues. Subscribe to any of our newsletters here.

And one more thing - speaking of changing market conditions, look for a special BookThinker (free) issue soon on what actually is happening in the used book market now and a closely related discussion on the interplay of "old school" and "new school" bookselling.

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