Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#61, 6 Februry 2006

Lots of talk about "lots" this month and last. And next too. Gold Edition subscribers received Part I of "How To Become a Full-Time Bookseller: The Importance of Book Lots" last month, and Part II: "Book Lots Flashpoints" will be delivered soon. (New subscribers please note that Gold Edition subscriptions will begin with Part I - that is, there's no need to purchase it individually.) BookThink's Science Fiction Editor Timothy Doyle also looks at book lots this month and next in a two-part series: "Collecting and Reselling Science Fiction and Fantasy Series Novels," as does new BookThink columnist Teresa Kopec. Teresa will be focusing on a market sector we've long neglected here - paperback fiction. She begins a two-part primer on romance novels today and will conclude next month with some money-making tips, some of which will include using the book-lots approach.

I'd like to welcome a new BookThink sponsor this week - PackagingPrice.com.

When I talk to other booksellers about packaging supplies, they're primarily interested in four things: price, product availability, shipping charges - and how fast can I get the stuff? Given the inherent complexity of the shipping products industry, it's often difficult to compare vendors. One vendor's price on one product may be lower than another's, yet higher on a different product; and a vendor with low prices across the board may have high shipping charges. Or have chronic out-of-stock issues, etc. A few weeks ago I spent some serious time comparing prices and shipping charges for over a dozen online vendors, specifically focusing on the products I use in my bookselling business. PackagingPrice.com fell into a select group of vendors with both the lowest prices and lowest shipping charges. Moreover, I've starting using them myself to purchase products. My orders have arrived very quickly, and I've yet to experience an out-of-stock delay.

Thinking about subscribing to our premium newsletters? Then take advantage of a new BookThink offer: Subscribe to both the Gold Edition and 50/50 for $49.99. Here's the link.

And finally - thank you, thank you, thank you. The response we received last week to our offer to extend premium subscriptions at the former rate was nothing short of overwhelming - and I didn't get ANY work done for two solid days! We are honored and humbled that so many of you have put your trust in us to continue providing bookselling resources.

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