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by Craig Stark

#60, 23 January 2006

BookThink's Children's Books Editor Guusje Moore stops by today to explore the world of Malt Shop books. If you don't know what these are, you're in for a treat - and some sweet profits as well. There's nothing like nostalgia to pry open purses and wallets.

Finally, given the email response I've received, I'm afraid I was less than crystal clear when I attempted to explain our offer on Gold Edition and 50/50 renewals announced last week. I'll give it another shot today. First, the offer itself: $20 to renew either premium newsletter. Deadline: January 31, after which annual subscriptions will be $29.99. If you're mailing payment, we'll accept anything that's postmarked by this date. Both personal checks and money orders are fine and should be made out to BookThink LLC. Mail to:

BookThink LLC
PO Box 600
Apopka, FL 32704

If you'd prefer to pay by PayPal, simply click any link on the website (they're everywhere) that takes you to our publications page and subscribe to one or both newsletters. Here's a direct link.

Note that current subscribers and non-subscribers can participate. This is an open deal. IMPORTANT: to keep this as simple as possible, no special renewal links have been installed. Subscribe as you would if you were visiting BookThink for the first time. We'll trace your account back from your purchase and extend your subscription(s) 12 issues beyond their current expiration dates. If this still isn't clear, feel free to email me at editor@bookthink.com and I'll be happy to forward you an invoice that will make it happen for you.

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