Letters to the Editor

#59, 9 January 2006

Hi Craig.
I want to thank you for the very useful information on the web site. I am becoming a lot better at selling and choosing what books to buy. Also, something very unusual happened. A few weeks ago I got about 5 boxes of the New Yorker from a lady who was going to France and wanted to give magazines away for free. Yesterday I was reading BookThink where you wrote about Brokeback Mountain and the year it was published, and to my surprise I had that issue. I posted it yesterday on eBay, and today the item has been bid up to $81 and there are 9 people watching. Very excited to see what happens. But one thing I have learned is not to get too excited until item sells and the buyer pays and is happy with the purchase. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you.

Take Care,

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you come across one of these issues, the time to list it is NOW.

Proof of your theory - I went to see Walk the Line and got interested in Johnny Cash. I wanted to read his biography, Man in Black, and went to look for a used copy on Amazon. Oh, man. Check out those prices. I found a copy at an FOL sale the next week - hardcover, no DJ, pen scribbles inside cover. Sold for $90 on Alibris a few days later.

I'll bet you anything this was near a penny book not too long ago - and probably will be again pretty soon.


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