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#54, 17 October 2005

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31 October 2005>>>

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BookThink's Top 10 on eBay
BookThink's monthly "Top 10 on eBay" makes its third appearance in today's update. As months go by, patterns pointing to revenue-producing potential should begin to emerge - actually, they already have to some extent. Several authors have come up multiple times, many high-dollar items are signed (which opens the authentication can of worms), and of course, if it's fiction, edition state matters hugely and is best established via citations to standard bibliographic works.

BookThink's Bookseller Profiles
Brenda J. Grolle

BookThink's Bookseller Profiles resumes today as well, this time contributed by bookselling friend Brenda Grolle. Lots of good, well-articulated advice here. Pay attention!

50/50 Issue #6
Now Available

Item #1 in the list features the most popular (and common) cookbook ever published, and yes, believe it or not, you can realize 50/50-level profits with this title again and again - as long as you know which editions to look for. Now published with 25 books each month, this issue lists and annotates in detail 25 books that typically sell for $50 and up online and - here's the best part - includes only those books that surface with some regularity at sales and other viable venues for purchasing inventory. If you've been putting off subscribing, you're also putting off profits. Get started today here.

BookThink Update
24 October 2005>>>

Update Announcements
Three weeks ago, anticipating that the Alibris/Amazon divorce would soon be finalized, I offered myself up as a guinea pig and registered as a new Pro Merchant seller at Amazon with the intention of reporting back on what I assumed would be a somewhat painful transition. Well, most of my assumptions about what I thought would happen were dead wrong. Details are here.

Letters to the Editor - A Letter from
Teresa Kopec


Collecting Mystery & Detective Fiction
Ian Fleming
The Promise of Goldeneye

Collecting Mystery & Detective Fiction is back today. Contributing Editor Pamela Palmer looks at one of the heavyweights in this genre - James Bond creator Ian Fleming. Lots of bookselling potential here.



From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.



BookThink Review
A Rant and a Rave

A review copy of a new price guide to vintage magazines arrived in the BookThink PO box recently. This book has been available for a number of weeks, but I bet most of you didn't know it existed. Actually, if one of the authors hadn't tipped me off about it several months ago, I might not have known about it either. As a rule, price guides maintain abysmally low profiles and often depend on word of mouth to generate sales - which are often slow in the best of circumstances. If the guide is less than terrific (frequently the case), even word of mouth won't help, and I'm sure stacks of these things end up remaindered - or tossed - right and left, year in and year out. This time, however, my instincts are telling me something different: This is a guide won't meet the same fate. Whether you sell magazines or not, I strongly recommend that you read the review of Antique Trader Vintage Magazines Price Guide in today's BookThinker. Bookselling gold awaits.


BookThink Book Repair
How to Reattach Detached Covers

Question: when was the last time you saw an article on book repair in the BookThinker? This question occurred to me a week or so ago when we were making some changes to the home page blurb, which, by the way, contained this pesky little phrase in the list of resources available on the BookThink website: "intensive tutorials on practical book repair." Well, it should've read "tutorial," not "tutorials," because I could only find one solitary book repair article in the entire BookThink archives, and even that appeared eons ago - in fact, in the very first issue, September 1, 2003! Shameful, isn't it? And we call ourselves a resource provider for booksellers. Obviously, it's high time to make amends, and at long last article numero dos appears today.


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BookThink Update
10 October 2005>>>

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Flatsigned or Inscribed
The FlatSigned Side of the Story

FlatSigned or inscribed - which is better? More valuable? More readily authenticated? Most booksellers, I'd guess, have formed clear opinions about this, and, since so much is at stake, most likely they're strongly held. Forgeries have proliferated since eBay opened its doors in the late 1990s, and establishing signature authenticity has become an especially demanding, sometimes impossible task for booksellers. Depending on how effectively we accomplish it, values can soar or plunge. Tim Miller of FlatSigned makes an appearance in today's BookThinker to argue in favor of FlatSigned books.


Flatsigned or Inscribed
The Inscribed Side of the Story

In the interest of advancing the FlatSigned/inscribed debate, BookThink also presents Science Fiction Editor Tim Doyle's response to Miller's article.


Collecting Science Fiction
BookThink Review
Bud Webster's The Joy of Booking

Tim Doyle reviews Bud Webster's new book, The Joy of Booking: Webster's Guide to Buying and Selling Used SF & Fantasy Books. If you're new to the business and are interested in getting it right, this is definitely worth a look.


Gold Edition #20
Big Money in Money Books
Part III: Real Estate Investment Books

There's big money in money books. Whether the topic is stocks, real estate or something else, this is one of the hottest, most profitable bookselling niches going, and, since many important titles have been recently published, they are relatively easy to find. If you aren't capitalizing on this yet, this is your opportunity to start reaping bookselling dividends. Part III of this BookThink series, Real Estate Investment Books, is available for purchase now.



Special Boys and Girls Series Books Edition
50/50 Issue #5
Now Available

Sometimes it makes sense to buy series books, sometimes not. Issue #5 of 50/50 profiles 25 of the most profitable (and common) series titles for booksellers, along with first edition guidelines and detailed publication data.

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