From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#48, 25 July 2005

Time was that most Friends of the Library (FOL) sales were quiet, orderly affairs. You could take your pretty time looking, ponder selections in a calm state of mind, and get change back from your twenty. No longer. Long lines, rude behavior, hoarding, etc., are more likely to prevail today - and higher prices too. Still, FOL sales remain a viable source of inventory for many booksellers, BookThink's Catherine Petruccione included. Take a ride with Cathy (and partner Ron) in today's feature article, "Adventures in Book Scouting," and you may be surprised to learn that her success often comes by not going along with the madding crowd.

Another good bookselling friend makes an appearance in BookThink's Bookseller Profile today - Rick Marsh. Rick has been selling books online, literally, since the Internet's stone age - i.e., when bulletin boards were the vehicle most of us used for communicating. My advice is to read this profile very carefully. Here's a guy who knows what he's doing, and you can take what he says directly to the bank.

Next week's Gold Edition will feature investment books. Whether the topic is stocks, real estate or something else, this is one of the hottest, most profitable bookselling niches going, and, since many important titles are recent publications, they are relatively easy to find. If you aren't capitalizing on this yet, this could be a good opportunity to kick-start your fall bookselling campaign. Subscribe here.

Important Note
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Recently, it has come to our attention that one of our subscribers has, for an extended period of time, willfully and repeatedly violated BookThink's copyright policy stated in both of our premium newsletters – the Gold Edition and 50/50. This is a serious matter, one that involves both intellectual property theft and its resale by subscription. At this time, we cannot furnish additional details because we are working with legal counsel on resolving this internally. However, should any future instances of violations come to your attention, we would appreciate your cooperation. Please write me, Craig Stark, immediately at

Regrettably, this affects everybody, not only BookThink. Anything that dilutes our product will negatively impact its value to you.

BookThink's policy appears here (cf. item 6, “Limitations of Use”).

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