From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#45, 13 June 2005

Now and again, I think it's a good idea for me to risk making an ass of myself. When risks pan out, good things follow, things that wouldn't have otherwise happened. When they backfire, no big deal. You're an ass for a day, two tops, and there are lots worse things to eat than humble pie. Tomorrow it'll be somebody else's turn. Well, today's newsletter may be something of a risk because I've made the attempt to bring some, ah, wisdom to the table. Not knowledge. Wisdom. The bookselling kind. I've put together a list of 50 Proverbs of Bookselling. Sounds pompous, doesn't it? If it works for you, great; if not, please do consider contributing one or two or your own, and who knows. Someday we may have something.

Speaking of asses, how many of you know what a Poitou Ass is? If, like me, you've suffered through decades of abject ignorance of the species, help has finally arrived. Catherine Petruccione's delightful interview with author/veterinarian Sharon Vanderlip will uncover this mystery and more - and also give you an intriguing glimpse into the mind of a passionate book collector.

Finally, if you're a recent or new subscriber to the Gold Edition, we have a special offer that may interest you. A complete set of the first 12 issues of the Gold Edition (#1 - #12) is now available for only $39.99 a discount of over 1/3 off the regular back issue price. This offer will be good until June 30, 2005.

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