Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#44, 6 June 2005

Tim Doyle didn't fall asleep last month. I did. Instead of publishing his Collecting Science Fiction article in its usual time slot, I blanked out and put together a full BookThinker edition instead. No idea why ... unless it had something to do with the topic of today's better-late-than-never article - transferring consciousness. Anyway, Tim explores the phenomenon of mind-hopping in Science Fiction, notes the key authors and titles in this thematic realm, and yes, I'm certain it was worth waiting for.

A heads up to those contemplating purchasing a subscription to the Gold Edition - the final installment of our four-part series on purchasing inventory online will be delivered Monday evening, June 6. New subscriptions received on or before June 6 will still be started with part one of this series - that is, four issues (#13, #14, #15 & #16) will be delivered immediately. This will make it unnecessary to purchase back issues to get caught up. After June 6, however, this series will be available only by individual issue purchase.


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