From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#43, 16 May 2005

As a rule, cleaning products and techniques aren't book friendly because the materials used to make books - usually pulp- or fiber-based - are so vulnerable to damage by acid (a common cleaner component) or techniques that involve some species of mechanical assault. Fortunately, there are exceptions, and today's feature article on book cosmetology showcases an effective cleaning product that behaves something like sandpaper.

Also, a good bookselling friend, Julia Wilkinson, appears in BookThink's monthly Bookseller's Profile today. Julia has authored a number of books, and lately she's been devoting more of her time to bookselling as well. You may also recognize Julia as the publisher of a popular email newsletter, Yard Salers and eBayers.

Issue #3 of 50/50 will be delivered via email to subscribers on Wednesday evening, May 18. As always, contact me immediately at if you haven't received your issue by Thursday morning. Note to new subscribers: if you subscribe before issue #3 is delivered, your subscription will start with issue #2. This will make it unnecessary to purchase it as a back issue. Also, new Gold Edition subscriptions will begin with Part I of our ongoing series on buying inventory online - that is, Part I, Part II and Part III will be sent immediately, and part IV will be delivered June 6. Please note also that, with these exceptions, back issues are available only by individual purchase. Thanks!

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