From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#42, 2 May 2005

Part II of BookThink's bookseller's guide to Sellathon appears today - and with it a number of suggestions for using it to increase your eBay profits. If you're committed to learning all you can bookselling, Sellathon is one of the best teachers.

Also, Catherine Petruccione begins a two-part series on building your own bookselling website. No doubt many booksellers contemplate doing this - I know I have - but put it off for various reasons ... cost, time and effort, etc. Catherine, however, has actually taken the plunge and details exactly how she did it. Surprisingly, thanks to many services that are now available to assist you in the process, it's not the Herculean task it once was.

A reminder - Part III of the Gold Edition series, "How to Buy Inventory Online," will be emailed to subscribers Monday evening, May 2. A few bounce-backs are inevitable, so if you haven't received your copy by Tuesday morning, feel perfectly free to bombard me with emails and I'll re-send it ASAP. Note for new subscribers: throughout the four-month window of this series, new subscriptions will begin with Part I, not the current issue. This will eliminate the need for you to purchase back issues to complete the series. If you subscribe today, for example, you will receive Part I and Part II immediately, Part III this evening, and Part IV on June 6.

May is also a 50/50 month, and I have some hot ones for you this time. Look for it on Wednesday evening, May 18. Both premium newsletters can be subscribed to here.

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