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The BookThinker Newsletter

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#36, 7 February 2005

BookThink Update
14 February 2005>>>

Update Announcements

A Guide for New Users

Like any other tool, ScoutPal is only as good as its user. If you know what you're doing, it can be a powerful tool for buying inventory; if not, much less so, but BookThink's New User's Guide to ScoutPal will bring you up to speed in no time. Articles in this guide include: How Not to Use ScoutPal, Practice Makes Perfect, Formatting Recommendations, Interpreting Results, Speed Tips, Miscellaneous Tips, Keeping a Low Profile, and more. Click here to begin.



From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.


Plotting Your Future in Bookselling
How to Evaluate Alternate Venues

Alternate venues. Have you been looking for one? Aren't we all. In today's feature, "Plotting Your Future in Bookselling," we take a close look at this topic and suggest a powerful tool for evaluating potential venues in advance of taking the plunge. Consistent use of it should help you to avoid investing valuable time on venues that hold small or no promise of paying off for you.

Children's Book Awards
Remarks and Lists

Bookseller Catherine Huang makes her first appearance at BookThink. Catherine has put together some especially useful lists of award winning children's books - this may be the most complete set of these lists anywhere - and skillfully demonstrates how these can be used to mine our sought-after flashpoints.




Bible Mania
Issue #12 of the Gold Edition will be delivered Monday evening, February 7. This time the topic is Bibles - how you can profit from this all-time bestseller. If you've never sold a Bible, you might be surprised at what they can do for your bottom line, not to mention how very, very often the higher-dollar examples surface at sales. Click to subscribe.

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BookThink Update
31 January 2005>>>

Update Announcements

Collecting Science Fiction
Thoughts on the Past, Plans for the Future
New things, it seems, are always in process at BookThink, and the coming year should bring many more. BookThink's Science Fiction editor Timothy Doyle details a few of these in his column today, most notably the soon-to-be-introduced Science Fiction page. This will be a valuable resource for SF/Fantasy/Horror booksellers and collectors alike, and it's our intention to grow it into something very special. Click here for more.




50/50 Issue #1
Now Available

Issue #1 of 50/50, BookThink’s new market report, is now available for purchase. Published every other month, 50/50 lists and annotates in detail 50 books that typically sell for $50 and up online and - here's the best part - includes only those books that surface with some regularity at sales and other viable venues for purchasing inventory. In other words, this is information you can actually use and profit from often. Subscriptions are also available at the annual rate of $20. Payments may be made instantly or by mail. For details, click here.

BookThink's Gold Edition
Common Magazines, Uncommon Profits
Part II: Flashpoints

Flashpoints, flashpoints, flashpoints. Part II of BookThink’s series on profiting from common magazines is packed with them. These are the specifics you’ll need to cash in on this often neglected but consistently rewarding market. Lists of collectible topics, authors, illustrators, photographers, celebrities, sports figures, historical events, advertisers and more appear in this issue.

Purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for details.


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