Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#35, 31 January 2005

New things, it seems, are always in process at BookThink, and the coming year should bring many more. BookThink's Science Fiction editor Timothy Doyle details a few of these in his column today, most notably the addition of a dedicated Science Fiction page. This will be a valuable resource for SF/Fantasy/Horror booksellers and collectors alike, and it's our intention to grow it into something very special. Look for it soon.

In February, we'll be publishing a ScoutPal guide for new users. I've had a number of requests for something like this, and last week Dave and Barbara Anderson graciously shared some of their best ScoutPal scouting tips with me. By the way, Barbara has been using this tool throughout its evolution - about three years - and has some especially good advice for maintaining a low profile at thrift shops, etc., also for avoiding interrogations at the cash register. As always, I'll be contributing a few thoughts of my own, and hopefully this guide will help get some of you get up to speed more quickly.

Part III of our eBay bookselling series will continue in February with an analysis of Sellathon, another useful subscription service. For eBay sellers, this is a great tool for teaching yourself how to put together an effective presentation because it closely tracks the behavior of, well, just about every potential buyer that comes within shouting distance of your auctions.


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