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by Craig Stark #35, 17 January 2005

Yet another series begins today - "New Strategies for Selling Books on eBay." There's been much talk in recent months regarding what some booksellers perceive to be eBay's decline as a viable venue for bookselling, much of it flaring up on the heels of the now infamous category structure changes made last year. True, there's considerably less talk now, but what talk there is is more often than not - still - negative. However, as Mark Twain might have put it, rumors of eBay's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The game is different now, players must play it differently to win, but make no mistake - it still can be won. Part I of this new series will examine up-to-date strategies for getting the prices you want and not spending a fortune on fees.

Part II of "The Most Evil Man in the World" also appears today - "Drawing Lines in the Bookselling Sand - or Not" - and though it bears my byline, this is not my article. It's yours. I've mined many of the thoughts expressed in a recent BookThink forum discussion and come up with bookselling gold. Thank you.

Finally, we've tentatively scheduled publication of the first issue of BookThink's 50/50 for January 19. Issues will be delivered via email and published every other month. It's my belief that if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the specific titles listed, you could easily put $1,000 or more in your pocket during the coming year. For more information or to subscribe, click here.

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