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The BookThinker Newsletter

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#33, 20 December 2004

BookThink Update
27 December 2004>>>

Update Announcements
Only a few days left to subscribe to BookThink's new newsletter, 50/50, at the special charter rate of $15 annually. More details here.


The Virtues of Hard Work and a Thick Skin
An Interview with Sheila Kelly

BookThink's new Author Profiles series continues today with a rising star, Sheila Kelly. Kelly is also a woman of many faces. You may know her as Science Fiction novelist S.L. Viehl. Or romance novelist Gena Hale. Or Jessica Hall. Or Christian writer Rebecca Kelly. Or - wait, sometimes it's none other than Sheila Kelly! Confused yet? Kelly isn't. Exhausted, perhaps, after publishing twenty-something books in the past few years, but she seems to jump genres with the best of them. See Tim Doyle's interview

BookThink Book Review
Bio Rescue

Tim Doyle reviews Bio Rescue, by S.L. Viehl (pseudonym for Sheila Kelly.

From the Editor

Why Bookselling Isn't Working for You
Part IV: Tortoises, Hares and the Southern Sandbur

As the end of 2004 draws near, have you stopped to reflect on what kind of year it's been? For some of us, it's been a very good one indeed. We're doing something we love doing and making money doing it. Who could ask for more? For the rest of us, it's been so-so. Or bad. In any case, if things aren't going well for you yet, you've come to the right place. Our four-part series, "Why Bookselling Isn't Working for You," concludes today with a tale retold for the struggling bookseller - "The Tortoise and the Hare."


BookThink's Gold Edition
Common Magazines, Uncommon Profits
Part I: The Basics

Big profits in common magazines? Well, if there are any secrets to making a good living in the book biz, selling magazines – yes, common ones included – may be one of the best kept. And yet, given the huge numbers that many magazines were printed in, not to mention the frequency with which even vintage or antique examples surface at estate sales, auctions and other venues, it seems, at first glance, unlikely that many of them would be worth bothering with. Au contraire, ALMOST ALL OF THEM are worth bothering with – in fact, they can be as profitable as high end books. How can this be? Get the answer is in this month’s Gold Edition. Purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for details.

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BookThink Update
13 December 2004>>>

How to Buy and Sell Poetry
Sniffing Things Out in Sonnetland

The worst poet who ever lived? Yes, this could be him. Using your nose to sniff out bad poetry is a proven method for profiting in this market sector. This week's BookThinker Update analyzes the market and suggests strategies for making it reap rewards for you.

BookThink's 50/50
New! A Market Report for Booksellers

Starting January, 2005, BookThink will launch a semi-monthly market report - BookThink's 50/50 - that will list and annotate in detail 50 books per issue that typically sell for more than $50 online and - here's the best part - will include only those books that will surface at sales and other venues with some regularity. In other words, this is information you can use and profit from often. Uncommon books will simply not be included. Subscribe now, and receive a 25% discount on the annual subscription rate. More details here.




BookThink's Gold Edition
Banking Big Money on Banned Books

Banned, censored and otherwise suppressed books comprise one of the most profitable bookselling niches we know. In order to spot the winners, however, it's important to understand why they are winners - namely, to have a working knowledge of the underlying principles that make them so desirable to collectors. This issue of the Gold Edition explains this and more, providing you also with valuable lists of publishers, authors and titles to look for. Purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for details.

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