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by Craig Stark

#33, 27 December 2004

BookThink's new Author Profiles series continues today with a rising star, Sheila Kelly. Kelly is also a woman of many faces. You may know her as Science Fiction novelist S.L. Viehl. Or romance novelist Gena Hale. Or Jessica Hall. Or Christian writer Rebecca Kelly. Or - wait, sometimes it's none other than Sheila Kelly! Confused yet? Kelly isn't. Exhausted, perhaps, after publishing twenty-something books in the past few years, but she seems to jump genres with the best of them. SF columnist Timothy Doyle visited with her recently, and his profile, interview and review of Bio Rescue is an unusually interesting examination of a writer who achieved success the hard way, with - guess what? - hard work.

A final reminder for BookThink's new newsletter, 50/50. Subscriptions are still available at the charter rate of $15 until December 31, thereafter $20. We'll publish six issues a year, and the first will appear next month, the next in March, and so on. Unlike the Gold Edition, which includes analyses of markets, flashpoints and specific things to look for, 50/50 will be wall-to-wall specifics. Each issue will spotlight 50 books that are common enough to be found with some regularity but also desirable enough to sell for $50 or more. A perfect marriage, I think. The idea is to start putting more money in your pockets now. Several of you have written with suggestions for books to include in this newsletter - thank you! - and I welcome any more that may occur to you.

Also in January we'll be starting a letters to the editor feature. I've gotten so many good letters over the past 16 months. I think it's only right that we share some of them - with your kind permission, of course. Send your comments about BookThink and book-related matters to me, Craig Stark, at editor@bookthink.com and we'll publish the best of them.

This is our last issue for 2004. On behalf of Pam and Tim, I want to thank each of you for making BookThink itself a rising star in the book biz. Your generous support is much appreciated, and we hope that you'll continue to partner with us in the future as you grow your businesses. May 2005 bring the best to you and your loved ones.

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