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The BookThinker Newsletter
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#29, 18 October 2004

BookThink Update
25 October 2004>>>



A Day at the National Book Festival
Saturday in the Park
Collecting Science Fiction

BookThink’s Timothy Doyle attended the 4th annual National Book Festival this month and came away with 18 books signed by 7 authors – not bad for a day in the park. More details are here. Also, taking up where he left off in last month’s column, Tim presents a complete chart of 7 different Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror awards and explains how it can be used for extracting valuable flashpoints.

From the Editor

Building a Bookselling Reference Library
Part IV: Online Resources - Questia

BookThink's multi-part series, "How to Build a Bookselling Reference Library," continues today with a look at Questia - a massive online library of books, journals, magazines and newspapers that's instantly searchable and accessible 24/7. Is this your ticket to taking bookselling to the next level? Find out here.


A Collector's View of Dashiell Hammett
Pamela Palmer stops by today with a collector's view of the distinctly unlikable but undeniably gifted mystery writer, Dashiell Hammett. Find one of his first editions in an original dust jacket, and wintering in Florida - nope, to be safe, let's make that in the more environmentally friendly Bora Bora! - can happen with change back.

BookThink's Gold Edition
Golden Guides
Big Profits in Little Packages

If you’ve been passing up Golden Guides at sales, you might be interested to know that they’ve become very collectible in recent years. For a detailed analysis of this often ignored niche, a complete list of titles, and – most important of all – a list of the specific titles that will bring you the biggest profits, purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for complete information.

BookThink Update
4 October 2004>>>

Update Announcements
Important announcements for Gold Edition subscribers.

Building a Bookselling Reference Library
Part III: Price Guides and How to Use Them

Today, in our continuing series on Building a Bookselling Reference Library, I'm going to look at price guides. This will be a different approach than you've perhaps seen before because I don't use my guides for pricing. I use them for mining flashpoints. There's a step-by-step method to it, and I'll explain it in today's Update.


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BookThink's Gold Edition
Vintage Era Mass Market
Paperback Cover Art

How many paperbacks have you passed by at sales lately? 100’s? 1,000’s? If so, you may be passing up significant profits. Open up a new world of potential inventory today with BookThink’s analysis of MMP cover art. The very best flashpoints are here – lists of collectible cover art topics, collectible cover artists and collectible publishers - and a bonus list of 12 instantly profitable things to look for on sales trips. Purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for complete information.

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