From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#29, 18 October 2004

It's yesterday's news, of course, that there's an almost boundless storehouse of information free for the taking on the Internet, much of it useful to booksellers and collectors, but sometimes, as vast as this is, it just isn't enough. Whether you're attempting to identify a first edition, researching the contents of an obscure book or its author for use in a listing presentation, or seeking information on any of a myriad of other book-related topics, there are times - still - when you come up empty handed. Fortunately, if you're not opposed to coughing up a few bucks, online resources exist that will deliver what you can't find on the free side of the fence. Some deliver it in spades. One of these is Questia - a massive online library of books, journals, magazines and newspapers, instantly searchable and accessible 24/7. Today's feature article explains the service and suggests some uses of it that could materially affect your success as a bookseller.

Also, Pamela Palmer stops by today with a look at the distinctly unlikable but undeniably gifted mystery writer, Dashiell Hammett. Find one of his first editions in an original dust jacket, and wintering in Florida - nope, to be safe, let's make that in the more environmentally friendly Bora Bora! - can happen with change back.

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