Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#27, 27 September 2004

First, if you are a Gold Edition subscriber and didn't receive the September 6 issue on MMP cover art, please email me, and I'll forward a copy ASAP. An error occurred during the delivery of one of the subscriber groups, and it was impossible to tell who did and didn't receive it. Hopefully, we have this corrected.

Speaking of the Gold Edition, the October 4 issue will focus with greater detail than usual on a market niche that has become very collectible in recent years. Like Time-Life series books, titles in this niche surface at sales with some frequency - in other words, finding copies won't be a once-in-a-blue-moon event - and yet despite reasonably good availability, significant profits can be realized. Also, interesting and hopefully profitable perqs will be made available soon to all Gold Edition subscribers (more details in the newsletter itself), so if you haven't subscribed yet, there's still time to take advantage of this. Click here to subscribe.

In our feature article today, Tim Doyle offers an interesting take on flashpoints - namely, using a list of Hugo Award winners (and nominees) as flashpoints. Believe me, the potential profits are considerable.

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