by Pamela Palmer

#26, September 6, 2004

First Editions
A Primer

Few topics challenge booksellers and collectors more than first editions. BookThink is ready to help with articles for every stage in the learning process. Some articles are designed to help beginners grasp the basics; others move on to in-depth looks at the essentials; and still others are geared to honing expert skills on the finer points.

If you are ready to make first edition know-how part of your selling and buying repertoire, here's where to start.

First Edition Boot Camp
The what, the why, and the how set you off on the right foot - after all, getting smart about first edition basics is what book camp is all about.

Edition State Terminology
Quick! Would you take a first proof or a salesman's copy? If you chose wrong, the mistake could cost you plenty.

A Short Introduction to
First Edition Identification

Discerning the good news from the bad news puts first edition identification in perspective.

How To Identify Book Club Editions
In BookThink's consistent winner on the most-read article list, Craig Stark takes a close look at unveiling that wily imposter - the bookclub edition.

How To Buy First Editions
A Quick-Start Guide

"The process of doing this, remember, is never one of looking for first editions; the focus should always be on eliminating candidates that aren't." Learn the three essential steps of the process.

Reprint Publishers
A Primer on Identification and
List of Major Players

The turf of reprint publishers can be difficult to navigate. Is the original, an overprint, or even piracy? This article sets out the parameters and names names.

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