1 Year Anniversary

by Craig Stark

#25, 1 September 2004

Today marks BookThink's 1 year anniversary. We'd like to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this project a success. Your support through donations, Gold Edition subscriptions, individual issue purchases and affiliate purchases is, of course, appreciated directly, but indirect support helps us as well. Subscriptions to the free newsletter, forum participation, email feedback and more - all is immensely appreciated. All helps us grow.

To mark this occasion, we've launched the first version of a new book links page. Hopefully, this will be a useful tool for you. Also a living tool - in other words, it will not be frozen in time. If you've used links pages on other sites, you no doubt already know how quickly they become obsolete if they are not updated regularly. During the process of investigating sites to include in BookThink's links page, I came across a massive links page that had been put together only 2 years ago. At first glance, I thought, wow, this is impressive, but in a matter of moments it became clear that it was almost entirely useless. Over 90% of the links returned the familiar "The page you are looking for is currently unavailable"! Such is the volatility of the Internet.

Anyway, we're committed to keeping BookThink's links page alive by continuously monitoring existing links for viability and adding additional links as they come to our attention. Suggestions for additional links and comments on existing ones, by the way, are most welcome. Post them in the forum or write me directly at If you've previously suggested a link that doesn't appear on our page, it almost certainly will soon. The links page is a work in progress, not by any means completed yet, and will be regularly supplemented.

Finally, the usefulness of some of the links that we've included may not be immediately apparent. As our series, "A Bookseller's Guide to Using the Internet," progresses, however, I'll be discussing many of these in detail and offering suggestions for use.

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