From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#22, 5 July 2004

Changes are afoot at BookThink! Beginning Monday, August 2, the BookThinker newsletter will be published in two distinct editions - a weekly free edition and a monthly Gold Edition available by paid subscription only. The free newsletter will be essentially unchanged from the present BookThinker newsletter with one exception - our monthly Premium Content feature will no longer appear.

Those of you who wish to continue receiving upgraded content may do so by subscribing to the Gold Edition. Please note that the Gold Edition will differ in two important respects from what was previously published as Premium Content. First, there will be significantly more content, and second, since this information will no longer be freely accessible to anybody who happens by, we'll be focusing more on inside dope - the hard, specific information that can help you take your business to the next level. Believe me, if you're paying for this information, we're going to bust our butts to give you your money's worth.

How much? Annual charter subscriptions are available during the month of July only for $10 (see link below). Beginning August 1, subscriptions will increase to a standard rate of $20. Back issues are available for purchase as well at $5 each. To subscribe to the Gold Edition or to purchase back issues of Premium Content, click here.

Please note that the weekly free newsletter, The BookThinker, is separate from the monthly Gold Edition that is, they must be subscribed to separately if you wish to receive both and will be delivered to your mailbox on different dates.

Important: those of you who have made contributions to BookThink will have the option of applying them to your subscriptions. For example, if you donated $10 last month, you may choose to convert this immediately to a subscription. Or not. It's entirely up to you. All donors will be contacted later this month, and we'll get this worked out individually. By the way, BookThink's PayPal donation program will remain in place, and if you feel moved to contribute in the future, we'd still very much appreciate (and remain in need of) your support, whether you subscribe or not.

Today's BookThinker takes on a red hot mega niche - Art's & Crafts in America. Not selling in this area? My advice is, start. Profit potential is big and may remain so for years to come. Our feature article presents the essential knowledge you'll need to get started, and Premium Content (available only by email subscription) will show you exactly what to look for.

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