BookThink provides resources for online and open shop book dealers, book collectors, and serious readers. Resources already in place or scheduled to be added in the coming months include first edition designations and issue points for 1,000ís of publishers; detailed and illustrated book terminology; a moderated book forum; an extensive library of active and pertinent book-related links; reviews of books about books; and tutorials on practical book repair, grading, buying for resale, selling books online and off, building a personal collection, and more.

The BookThinker Newsletter
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#17, 26 April 2004

BookThinker Update
3 May 2004>>>

Living in Parallel
Alternative Universes in Science Fiction
Collecting Science Fiction

Is the cat dead or alive? Or both? Tim Doyle explores the intriguing, if not mind blowing Many Worlds Theory in this month's Collecting Science Fiction.



Hard Times Ahead
for eBay Sellers?

For booksellers, few things have been as controversial or met with as much disdain as eBay's recent category rollback. Is this the end of bookselling on eBay as we've known it? Before you jump ship, here are several things to consider.

Making A Stand
How to Beat the eBay System

Beating the new eBay system may or may not be possible, but if you've decided to stay and aren't sure about how to proceed, here's a list of suggestions.

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BookThinker Update
19 April 2004>>>

Three Packaging Tricks
for Booksellers

Okay, we're not exactly magicians at BookThink, but here are three packaging tips you might not have thought of.

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How to Identify Hot Niche Markets
The Holy Grail of Bookselling?

More than ever, success at bookselling will depend on your ability to raise your bookselling IQ - to become book-smart. If you aren't sure how to proceed, I urge you to read BookThinker's Premium Content in today's email newsletter. All BookThinker newsletters attempt to meet the need for pertinent knowledge, but this issue is particularly important because it details a simple, proven method for raising your bookselling IQ to a level that will almost guarantee success. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

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