BookThink provides resources for online and open shop book dealers, book collectors, and serious readers. Resources already in place or scheduled to be added in the coming months include first edition designations and issue points for 1,000ís of publishers; detailed and illustrated book terminology; a moderated book forum; an extensive library of active and pertinent book-related links; reviews of books about books; and tutorials on practical book repair, grading, buying for resale, selling books online and off, building a personal collection, and more.

The BookThinker Newsletter
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#12, 16 February 2004

BookThinker Update
23 February 2004>>>

Urban Fantasy
Worlds Within Worlds
Collecting Science Fiction

What is it about the City that has sparked the imaginations of Science Fiction writers for decades? It may be more sinister than you think. Tim Doyle explores urban conflict in today's BookThinker Update.

From the Editor
A new feature at BookThink - Premium Content - will be launched next month in the March 15 newsletter. If you've been looking for insider tips and information on how to grow your bookselling business, look no further. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

Book Power Made Easy
The Case for Flashpoints

With approximately 29,000,000 books and printed materials currently housed in the Library of Congress and who knows how many more millions not in this collection, how can a bookseller ever hope to accumulate enough knowledge about a significant percentage of books to make intelligent buying decisions? Well, the answer lies in the acquisition of expansive knowledge, which, unlike garden varieties, literally propagates in your mind with almost no effort, fitting you out in Seven League Boots for your journeys into Book Land.

What They Are and How to Use Them

What are flashpoints? Nothing less than expansive knowledge, the kind that can remake you into a power bookseller. Learn more about them here - and The Grapes of Wrath too!


Building Your Flashpoint Library
What's the absolute, hand's-down best thing you can do with your time as a bookseller? The answer may surprise you, and yes, it has something to do with John Steinbeck.

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BookThinker Update
9 February 2004>>>

Stolen Any Good Books Lately?
Moral Clarity at the FOL Sale

What's that? You pay for all your books? It doesn't matter! You're still a thief. Find out why in today's BookThinker Update.

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