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#10, 19 January 2004

BookThinker Update
26 January 2004>>>

Big Dumb Objects
The Art of the Artifact in Science Fiction
Collecting Science Fiction

If you don't know what a BDO is, here are three clues: it's big; it's dumb; and it's an object - and what's more, Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey would have been a non-story without one. In today's BookThinker Update, Tim Doyle explores the use of the BDO in the Science Fiction genre.



From the Editor
Introductory remarks for BookThinker readers.

The Bad News About Signed Books
A Visit with Old Tom the Orchid Man

Find any signed books lately? If so, have you got high hopes for them? Before you double their prices, step back from the rubber tree plant for a moment and consider the case of Tom the orchid man.

Astronauts and Autopens
Silver Threads and Golden Needles

If Microwave cookbooks are the nadir of 20th century publishing - and who with a shred of sanity left could argue that they're not? - surely the writing instrument industry similarly bottomed out with the invention of the infamous autopen. What does this have to do with Neil Armstrong? More - lots more - here.


Is Your Signature Genuine?
A signature is not a signature is not a signature. Some are real, some not. The nots take on many forms. This is how to spot them.

What To Do If You Think
Your Signature is Genuine

You've struck pay dirt. Hem, Papa himself, signed your copy of Winner Take Nothing. To authenticate or not to authenticate; that is the question. Fees apply, and they're high. Is it possible to skip the process altogether and avoid taking nothing home? Maybe.

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BookThinker Update
12 January 2004>>>

Anatomy of a Flashpoint
Pigeon Magic

For centuries pigeons have been used to carry messages. Bred to carry messages. Bred to carry messages faster and faster. The very idea of this is every bit as magical as, for example, a poor slob stranded on an island putting a note into a bottle and tossing it to the waves. Today, interest in pigeons no longer has much to do with carrying messages but very much to do with racing them. Or breeding them for beauty. Books or associated ephemera pertaining to pigeons are reliably good sellers. The more uncommon ones are highly sought after. Pigeon is a flashpoint of the first order.




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