BookThink provides resources for online and open shop book dealers, book collectors, and serious readers. Resources already in place or scheduled to be added in the coming months include first edition designations and issue points for 1,000ís of publishers; detailed and illustrated book terminology; a moderated book forum; an extensive library of active and pertinent book-related links; reviews of books about books; and tutorials on practical book repair, grading, buying for resale, selling books online and off, building a personal collection, and more.

The BookThinker Newsletter

#9, 5 January 2004

BookThinker Update
12 January 2004>>>

Anatomy of a Flashpoint
Pigeon Magic

For centuries pigeons have been used to carry messages. Bred to carry messages. Bred to carry messages faster and faster. The very idea of this is every bit as magical as, for example, a poor slob stranded on an island putting a note into a bottle and tossing it to the waves. Today, interest in pigeons no longer has much to do with carrying messages but very much to do with racing them. Or breeding them for beauty. Books or associated ephemera pertaining to pigeons are reliably good sellers. The more uncommon ones are highly sought after. Pigeon is a flashpoint of the first order.





From the Editor
Introductory remarks for BookThinker readers.

An Introduction to Book Grading
Order Out of Chaos: A Proposal

Book grading isn't the most glamorous part of bookselling, but, given the problems that so often arise from improperly grading books, one of the most important. A new series of BookThinker articles begins today that will discuss the principles of grading, define and illustrate its relevant terminology, and propose the adoption of a universal system.

Book Grading
Part I: Spotting and Describing Defects

Using established book terminology may not be your preference for describing flaws in books, but here are several reasons why you might want to reconsider.


Common Myths (and Dubious Practices)
of Book Grading

Before getting down to the sober business of grading books, it might be helpful to dispel some myths. Look here for a list of the most common ones.

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BookThinker Update
29 December 2003>>>

Update Announcements
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

SearchSite now available for BookThink
A SearchSite button is now on the menu. Click it to search BookThink and BookThinker.

Book Grading
for Dummies or Mummies?

If comic books aren't your thing, it's possible that you might not be aware of a fairly recent and controversial development that may ultimately affect how books themselves are bought and sold. We're referring to the growth and expanding influence of the Comics Guaranty Company (CGC), a professional, independent grading concern that has, in a few short years, become the grading service of choice for comic book dealers and collectors everywhere.

BookThinker Update
22 December 2003>>>

Update Announcements
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

Collecting Science Fiction
Time Travel

Tim Doyle's column, Collecting Science Fiction, continues in today's Update. The topic is Time Travel, one of SF's most venerable themes. Tim features many of the key titles in this category, discusses some of their plots, pinpoints important issue points, estimates values, and offers specific advice for those selling and collecting this genre.

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