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by Craig Stark

#6, 17 November 2003

I'm going to do my best to embarrass Tim Doyle today. After all, we're publishing his first SF column, and he deserves to get "the business," as Eddie Haskell would say, right? Right. Besides being an accomplished bookseller, Tim is a genuinely good guy. In the time I've known him I've been impressed time and time again by his commitment to not only doing things the right way but also by his desire to do what's right period, to put integrity first in everything he does. Anyone who has ever been in an editorial position knows how valuable these traits are in a writer. If Tim states a fact in an article, you can bet he's checked it and double-checked it, and the only thing left for me to do is make certain he remembers that hens lay eggs when they crawl into their nests and we lie down when we crawl into ours - a piece of cake if there ever was one.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Tim for the commitment he's made to present this regular column. It represents a great deal of work on his part, not to mention an unselfish desire to help others with the knowledge and experience he's gained over the years. We deeply appreciate this at BookThink and are confident you will too. Well, I'm going to get out of the way now and let him get started. See you next week with the regular BookThinker newsletter.

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