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by Craig Stark

#140 21 December 2009

I'm still getting reports of suspensions. If there's good news, in most cases reinstatements (when justified) are happening as well, though this doesn't mean it won't be a pain in the ass to get everything up and running again. If you missed Valerie's article last week, here it is.

To her list of condition guideline no-no's add "unopened" and "never opened." Substituting "in publisher's shrink wrap" or something along those lines might get you a pass, but who knows. Also, there is some anecdotal reportage that putting your inventory on vacation may not offer you protection against a suspension. Those with smaller inventories might be wise to delete their items.

Good luck, and please email me at if you have been suspended, suspended and reinstated, or have any other relevant information about this issue.

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