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BookThink's Top 10 on eBay
December 2008

by Pamela Palmer

#131, 19 January 2009

NOTE: Items numbers are now included in this article. They are in the individual auction comments section below the author and title. Click the links to see the listings.

December 2008 was a good month for relative novices on eBay. Four of the 18 sellers (2 sellers sold 2 books each) had feedback in the single digits. The fiction top 10 included 3 copies of Twilight and 2 books by Haruki Murakami. Classic science fiction was represented by 1st editions of Ray Bradbury's Dark Carnival published by Arkham House and Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The non-fiction top 10 included 3 1st editions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Beyond that it was diverse - from a pre-revolutionary history of St. Petersburg, Russia and Barack Obama to Mark Twain and Daytona Cobra coupes.

Fiction Top 10
December 2008

#1 $4,000.00 Signed Pinball, 1973 by Haruki Murakami 1st/1st
#2 $2,950.00 Battlestar Galactica Crew Book
#3 $2,765.00 Cormac McCarthy-SUTTREE-A Novel-1st Ed. Author Signed
#4 $2,252.00 Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream 1st Ed. Blade Runner
#5 $2,000.00 Signed Hear The Wind by Haruki Murakami 1st/1st
#6 $1,825.00 Stephanie Meyer Autographed Twilight - First Edition!!!
#7 $1,775.00 Stephen King- The Stand S/L Total Package + Brass Plate
#8 $1,700.00 Twilight
#9 $1,000.00 Ray Bradbury DARK CARNIVAL Arkham House SIGNED First
#10 $999.99 Signed First Edition HB Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Pinball, 1973
Haruki Murakami

Sold as a Best Offer, the 1st edition, 1st printing was signed by Haruki Murakami. The same US seller sold #5.

Battlestar Galactica Crew Yearbook

A Canadian seller saw 21 bids for the limited edition crew yearbook. The seller ntoed that "these books [are] made a gifts to the cast and crew who took part in the series."

Cormac McCarthy

McCarthy's signed 1979 1st edition and dust jacket was described as in very good condition. It received 3 bids.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Philip K. Dick

20 bids took this science fiction classic to $2,252. The ex-library copy was described as a "true first printing."

Hear the Wind
Haruki Murakami

Sold by the seller of #1, this 1st edition/1st printing was signed by Murakami.

Stephenie Meyer

Though the seller misspelled Stephenie Meyer's first name [as Stephanie] in the auction title, buyers found it. 48 bids were placed for the signed first edition in like new condition.

The Stand
Stephen King

A single bid won #1209 of 1,250 copies. It is a signed leather-bound copy "housed in the 2 piece wooded (Coffin) box with red velvet lining" and was signed by both King and the artist, Bernie Wrightson.

Stephenie Meyer

Another copy of Twilight sold as BIN. The 1st edition, 1st printing was described as very good in a very good dust jacket.

Dark Carnival
Ray Bradbury

A 1947 Arkham House publication, the signed 1st edition of Bradbury's 1st book was among the 3000 copies printed. It is described as in fine condition.

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight appears on the list for the 3rd time, selling as a BIN. It is described as an "unread, first edition/first printing" in excellent condition.


Non-Fiction Top 10
December 2008

#1 $10,000.00 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition 1st Printing Original
#2 tie $2,000.00 Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama (1995)
#2 tie $2,000.00 Daytona Cobra Coupes-Publisher's Lmtd Signature Edition
#4 $1,724.00 bernd and hilla becher Anonymous Sculptures 1st edition
#7 $1,506.00 ST. PETERSBURG RUSSIA Russian Imperial City HISTORY OLD
#9 $1,150.00 Paul Weller's A Thousand Things Deluxe Version sold out
#10 $1,025.00 MS001 Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill V. I-IV

Alcoholics Anonymous

The 1st edition, 1st printing is an ex-library book in good condition and without a dust jacket. Described as rare, the volume attracted 3 bids to top the non-fiction top 10.

#2 tie
Dreams From My Father
Barack Obama

A good condition 1st edition hardcover in a good condition dust jacket sold as a best offer for $2,000. The US seller noted it was unsigned.

#3 tie
Daytona Cobra Coupes
Carroll Shelby's 1965 World Champions

Peter Brock

"Hey little Cobra" could be the theme song for this signed "number 10 of 20 limited signature edition Publisher's Proofs..." It is described as brand new.

Anonyme Skulptur
Eine Typologie technischer Bauten
Bernd and Hilla Becher

The 1st edition, 1st printing is inscribed to "Hermann Kleine, a close friend of bernd and hilla becher." Listed by a German seller, the 1970 photo book was in very good condition. It sold after 23 bids.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The good condition 1941 1st edition, 2nd printing garnered 7 bids. The same seller sold #8.

Mark Twain, Able Yachtsman,
Interviews Himself on Why
Lipton Failed to Lift the Cup

Samuel Clemens

Published after Clemens died, this was among the 109 copies printed and is in very good condition.

St. Petersburg
F. de Haenen, painter
Adam & Charles Black, text

The 1910 1st edition was called "very scarce" by the US seller. It is a pre-revolutionary look at the capital city of Russia and includes both black-and-white photos and color plates. 55 bids took it from $.99 to $1,506.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The 1st edition 3rd printing copy in "great condition" sold after 12 bids. The same seller sold #5.

A Thousand Things
Paul Weller


A 2008 signed deluxe copy of Weller's A Thousand Things came in at #9.

Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

Listed by a Canadian seller, the 4-volume set attracted 14 bids.

By the Numbers

17 sellers were from the USA
2 sellers were from Canada
1 seller was from Germany
14 books were published during or after 1950
6 were published before 1950
2 sold as BIN
4 sold as BO
1 to 55 was the range of bids
Seller feedback ranged from 2 to 4679*
14 books were sold by sellers with 100% positive feedback
Feedback percentage ranged from 90.9% to 100% for sellers who had feedback
The oldest book was published in 1910.

*feedback is noted at the time the auction is viewed by BookThink.


Antiquarian & Collectible Top 5
December 2008

#1 $26,111.11 Handwritten Breviary 1470 - 36 Goldinitials! Manuscript
#2 $15,655.00 Missale - richly decorated latin manuscript (1450) !!
#3 $12,099.00 Legends aurea - rare manuscript with 224 initials -1380
#4 $10,100.00 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, 1st Edition 1st Printing
#5 $9,999.00 JK ROWLING Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 1/1

Brevary c1470
Illuminated Manuscript


A regular on this list, the German seller of #1 also sold #2 and #3. Described as "a true treasure of 15th century Italian illumination," it has 36 ornate initials on "burnished gold ground."

Missale c1450

37 bids took this "unique missale-manuscript!! Decorated gorgeously with numerous coloured jewel initials!!!"

Manuscript with 224 initials

The German seller of #1 and #2 saw 37 bids take the selling price of this manuscript up to $12,099.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A 1st edition, 1st printing volume without dust jacket was listed. Two days later, a reproduction dust jacket was added. After 24 bids, it auction ended at $10,100.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
J.K. Rowling

A Canadia seller listed the 1st edition, 1st printing at $8,888. It sold as a BIN for $9,999.

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