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BookThink's Top 10 on eBay
July 2008

by Pamela Palmer

#130, 17 November 2008

NOTE: Items numbers are now included in this article. They are in the individual auction comments section below the author and title. Click the links to see the listings.

Modern fiction dominated it's top 10 category with all titles published after 1950. In addition to the usual King, Fleming, and Tolkien, there's Meyer, Wallace, Card, and Tales of Suspense #39. BookThink readers likely will recognize the #11 title: The Highland Mole, by Gordon and Williams and signed by both, sold for $726.25. It was a 1st edition hardback, described as 1 of the 500 printed. The non-fiction list ranged from Hemingway's In Our Time at the #1 position to Jerusalem Windows at #10. Listing a book in the "wrong" caregory isn't uncommon, especially among high end works. Was it an error or a strategy? Only the U.S. seller knows for sure. For those of you tracking the fortunes of the Top 10 Antiquarian frequent seller, he or she shows up 3 times on the October 2008 list.

Fiction Top 10
October 2008

#1 $4,150.00 Stephen King- The Gunslinger DT 1 Grant Signed Limited
#2 $2,900.00 Tales of Suspense #39 cgc 8.0 slight(P) exist cgc
#3 $1,900.00 Exquisite Signed Stephen King - THE STAND-#821 of 1250
#5 $1,500.00 THE TWO TOWERS 1st. U.S.ed. In DJ J.R.R. Tolkien
#6 $1,050.00 Stephen King - Green Mile - Signed Limited #110
#7 $950.00 SIGNED 1st Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace + Bonus
#8 $805.19 Moonraker Ian Fleming Uk HB 1ST/1ST 1955 Cape
#10 $799.99 Card's Ender's Game First Edition Extremely Fine

The Gunslinger
Stephen King

The signed limited edition in a slipcase was among the 500 issued. The US seller ran into the automatically assigned "acceptable" eBay puts in item specifics when the seller doesn't supply that information. However, the auction text gives the condition as fine.

Tales of Suspense #39

Other sources give the date as 1963 when this magazine with a cover cost of 12 cents was published. After 1 sentence of text, the terse US seller leaves it to pictures to show details.

The Stand
Stephen King

A signed deluxe 1st edition, this was #821 of 1250 and sold after a single bid.

Live and Let Die.
Ian Fleming

Listed by a UK seller, the 1st edition was called "one of the rarest Bond books!" It garnered 34 bids.

The Two Towers
J.R.R. Tolkien

The 1st US edition is described as "A fine copy with map ... in a near fine price clipped dust jacket." It sold as a BIN.

Green Mile
Stephen King

Sold as a Best Offer, the signed limited 10th anniversary limited edition contains 60 new sketches by Mark Geyer.

Infinite Jest
David Foster Wallace

This book was listed by a Canadian seller and sold to a novice eBay buyer. Nearly a month after the listing closed, though, there is no feedback to indicate whether the sale was completed or not.

Ian Fleming

Sold by a UK seller in a facsimile dust jacket, the 1st edition is described as in "very nice condition." It sold after 31 bids.

New Moon
Stephenie Meyer

Published in 2006, the book is described as "As New in an As New dustjacket." It sold as a best offer.

Ender's Game
Orson Scott Card

Listed in "new condition," the book sold as a BIN


Non-Fiction Top 10
October 2008

#1 $14,750.00 Ernest Hemingway in Our Time Scarce 1st w/Orig Jacket
#2 $8,999.95 SIGNED 1st - 1995 - DREAMS FROM MY FATHER - Barack Obama
#3 $3,837.77 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition FOURTH Printing 1943
#4 $2,699.00 Narcotics Anonymous : FIRST EDITION - Basic Text
#5 $2,556.55 Alcoholics Anonymous Book 1941 1st Edition 2nd Printing
#8 $1,276.00 Christian Bale Signed The Dark Knight Poster and Book
#9 $1,081.95 Marilyn A Hollywood Farewell Leigh Wiener Monroe HC DJ
#10 $1,070.00 JERUSALEM WINDOWS Marc Chagall '62 1stEd American FINE


In Our Time
Ernest Hemingway

Listing fiction in eBay's non-fiction category happens rarely among higher priced items. In this case, the US seller saw the 1st edition with dust jacket sell to a notice buyer. Some 12 days later, no feedback had been recorded.

Dreams From My Father
Barack Obama

The future President's signed book sold as a Best Offer for $7,350. This fell somewhat below the BIN price of $8,999.95.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Listed by a US seller with an unusual -1 feedback, the 1st edition 4th printing (1943) in the original dust jacket sold after 23 bids.

Narcotics Anonymous

This 1st edition was described as in excellent condition; it sold as a BIN.

Alcoholics Anonymous

11 bids took the 1st edition, 2nd printing volume to $2,556.55.

A Papermaking Pilgrimage to Japan, Korea and China
Dard Hunter

Published in 1936, the signed and numbered first edition hardcover is #238 of 370. It sold as a Best Offer.

JAR Paris
Joel Arthur Rosenthal

Described as New with slipcase unused vacuum sealed, in mint perfect condition, the 2003 volume sold for $1,375.00 after 14 bids.

The Dark Knight
Craig Byrne

Signed by Christian Bale with proceeds going to Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity, the book sold for $1,276 after 24 bids. The auction included production art and a full shooting script.

Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell
Leigh Wiener

27 bids took this new condition 1st edition to $1,081.95.

Jerusalem Windows
Marc Chagall

A frequent title in the Top 10, this copy of Jerusalem Windows sold as a BIN.

By the Numbers

16 sellers were from the USA
2 sellers were from the UK
2 sellers were from Canada 16 books were published during or after 1950
4 were published before 1950
4 sold as BIN
3 4 sold as BO 1 to 34 was the range of bids
Seller feedback ranged from -1 [Yes, that's a negative 1] to 5489.*
15 books were sold by sellers with 100% positive feedback
Feedback percentage ranged from 0% to 100% for sellers who had feedback
The oldest book was published in 1925.

*feedback is noted at the time the auction is viewed by BookThink.


Antiquarian & Collectible Top 5
October 2008

#1 $37,199.00 Breviarium Coloniense - Illuminated Manuscript - 1390 !
#2 $30,207.77 SENSE AND SENSIBILITIY Jane Austen 1st 3 Vol Set 1811
#3 $18,100.00 Breviarium, around 1370!! Grand Illuminated Manuscript!
#4 $14,126.00 AA Big Book 1939 / Alcoholics Anonymous 1st edition
#5 $14,000.00 Book of Hours - Stundenbuch - 2 Miniatures - 1450 !!!

Breviarium Coloniese
c1390 Latin Ms.

- The German seller listed this c1390 illuminated vellum manuscript in original binding and sold it after 34 bids for $37,199. The same seller sold #3 and #5.

Sense and Sensibility
By a Lady
Jane Austen

A 3-volume 1811 set of Sense and Sensibility was among the 750 copies published. Described by the US seller as "Extremely rare scarce," The binding is half-calf.

c1370 Illuminated Ms.

Listed by the seller of #3 and #5, this manuscript sold after 13 bids.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The 1939 1st edition is described as in "fairly good condition without any major flaws." After 22 bids, it sold for $14,126.

Book of Hours

The German seller of #1 and #3 holds the #5 place as well. This time it's a 1450 century Book of Hours. It sold after 34 bids.

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