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Non-Fiction Top 10
November 2010

#1 $3,500.00 Paul McCartney BLACKBIRD SINGING Signed LTD 1st
#2 $3,000.00 Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela signed -Easton
#3 $2,247.22 1982 Virginia professor's book: U S Govt reads my mind
#4 $1,995.00 Operation Dark Heart UNREDACTED 1st Anthony Shaffer
#5 $1,525.00 Narcotics Anonymous It Works Blue Book 1982 C.A.R.E.N.A.
#6 $1,403.48 Alleggerita
#7 $1,250.00 Poultry - Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright
#8 $1,201.00 Autobiography of a Yogi
#9 $1,170.59 George Orwell Down and Out in Paris and London SIGNED
#10 $1,125.00 SIGNED! Life by Keith Richards (2010, Hardcover)

Blackbird Singing
Poems and Lyrics, 1965-2001

Paul McCartney

The limited edition was 1 of 250 signed editions. Described as in fine condition, it sold as best offer.

Long Road to Freedom
Nelson Mandela

The Easton Press 1994 publication in like new condition sold as a best offer.

Such Things are Known
Dorothy Burdick

Published by a vanity press, the 1982 1st edition on governmental mind control sold after 3 bids.

Operation Dark Heart
Anthony Shaffer

An unredacted "near mint copy" sold for $1,995 as a BIN.

Narcotics Anonymous
It Works


18 bids took the 1982 1st edition to #5 on the non-fiction list.s

Tony Adriaensens

Listed by an Australian seller, #1504 is described as "the definitive book of the Alfa GTAs, Tls, and TZs." It sold after 14 bids.

The Illustrated Book of Poultry ...
Lewis Wright

The 1890 publication is titled "The Illustrated Book of Poultry with Practical Schedules for Judging, constructed from actual analysis of the best modern decisions and contains 50 colored plates. The recased large volume sold after a single bid.

Autobiography of a Yogi
Paramhansa Yogananda

After 8 bids, the signed 1947 book in good condition sold for $1,201.00.

Down and Out in Paris and London
George Orwell

Sold in a charity auction to benefit The Royal British Legion, the signed 1st edition received 4 bids. It was listed by a UK seller.

Keith Richards

The brand new signed copy of Life by Rolling Stone Keith Richards sold after 43 bids.


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