by Pamela Palmer

#146, 26 June 2010


Which fiction and non-fiction books are winners on eBay? Each month this series answers the question and, along the way, looks at the listing strategies sellers use to bring in big bucks. To learn more about what's in and what's out of the lists, read our Top 10 on eBay Parameters.

NOTE: Items numbers are now included in this article. They are in the individual auction comments section below the author and title. Click the links to see the listings.

Charity auctions did well in June 2010, making both the top fiction and top nonfiction lists. In the fiction category, a signed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone brought in $5,000 for the Chicago Girl Scouts, while another Harry Potter added $1,136 to benefit the same group. In the non-fiction top 10, Flights Over Ancient Cities of Iran came in at #6, earning $1,400 for Books for America.

Fiction Top 10
June 2010

#1 $5,000.00 Signed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone *Charity*
#2 $1,342.69 NORTHERN LIGHTS / PHILIP PULLMAN - 1st / 1st ED HB
#3 $1,300.00 Ayn Rand signed Atlas Shrugged 10th Anniv LE/2000
#4 $1,136.00 Signed Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets *Charity
#5 $1,113.88 A Clockwork Orange
#6 $925.00 Stephen King- Salems Lot/S/L Centipede Press One of 300
#7 $915.50 Blood Meridian 1st Hardbound Ed. Cormac Mc Carthy
#8 $708.88 MacLean Norman *A River Runs Through It* 1976 1st 1st DJ
#9 $777.00 The Captain is Out to lunch-Crumb / Bukowski-Ltd-Signed
#10 $700.00 Dark Tower : The Gunslinger Stephen King

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
J.K. Rowling

Sold to benefit the Girl Scouts of Chicago (as was #4 below), the Collector's Edition attracted 19 bids. It was signed by both Rowling and artist Mary GrandPre.

Northern Lights
Philip Pullman

Listed by a UK seller, the "rare HB His Dark Materials Volume i + Signed Bookplate" sold as a BO.

Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand

After a single bid, the 10th Anniversary Edition "hardcover with slipcase copy" sold for $1,300. It was #1681 of the limited edition and was signed by Rand.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
J.K. Rowling

15 bids took this signed 1st edition to $1,136. The charity auction, along with #1 above, benefited Girl Scouts of Chicago.

A Clockword Orange
Anthony Burgess

Listed by a Swedish seller, the 1st edition attracted 7 bids.

Salem's Lot
Stephen King

1 of 300 of Centipede Press' signed limited edition, the like-new book sold after a single bid.

Blood Meridian
Cormac McCarthy

Described as in fine condition with a near fine dust jacket. the 1st edition sold for $915.50 after 5 bids.

A River Runs Through It
Norman Maclean

The 1976 1st edition in a 1st edition dust jacket attracted 29 bids.

The Captain is Out to Lunch
Charles Bukowski

The signed 1st edition was #18 of 175.

Dark Tower
The Gunslinger

Stephen King

The 1982 1st edition was described as in very good condition with a very good condition dust jacket. It sold as a BO.