Special Annoucements

by Craig Stark

#144, 14 June 2010

The Great Recession is over! Well, sort of. And we're not exactly rocketing out of it. But here at BookThink we're fearless - and ready to rev things up again. Next month we'll re-launch both premium newsletters, The Gold Edition and The Quarterly Market Report, and both again will be available for purchase as individual issues or by annual subscription. Those of you who were previously subscribed will receive a notification email sometime this month indicating that your subscription is still active. If you would like to know how many issues you have remaining or have any other question about the newsletters, please email us at editor@bookthink.com.

During the publication break we've had an opportunity to reflect on what the Gold Edition and QMR were and what they might be like going forward. No question that bookselling 2010 style is quite different from what it was when we launched BookThink in 2003. Both newsletters, therefore, will undergo significant changes to better serve the needs of 2010 booksellers. Part of this will include moving to a PDF format, which should greatly improve your ability to both read and access the specific information you need. More details on this soon.

Also look for BookThink's Top 10 on eBay to resume its monthly publication. And click here for ongoing BookThink specials.

Today's feature article, Part II of "Using the Best Offer Feature to Your Advantage" (on eBay), offers more detailed suggestions on how to best make this work for you.

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