From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#143, 5 April 2010

Another installment to my series Bookselling in the 21st Century today, this time with some thoughts on a phenomenon that you may have noticed in your book scouting area: Where have all the booksellers gone?

Part I: Adapt or Die

Part II: Before Looking Ahead, Look Back to Make Sure the Ship Isn't Sinking

Part III: If You Learn How to Do Nothing Else ...

Part IV: Identifying Books That Need to Be Liquidated Immediately

Part V: How To Liquidate Books

Part VI: Insulated Niches: An Introduction

Part VII: Insulated Niches: Signed Hypermoderns

Part VIII: Insulated Niches: Books Purchased for Decoration

Part IX: Insulated Niches: Sacred Books

Part X: Boo!

Part XI: Insulated Niches: Catalogs

Part XII: How to Identify Insulated Niches

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