Special Announcements 2

by Craig Stark

#141, 22 February 2010

Back to Bookselling in the 21st Century today, and yes, I ran down yet another insulated niche - catalogs. This is an exceptionally rich niche for booksellers and will likely remain so for many years. Find out why in our feature article.

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Some of you may have seen an article we published recently on a promising iPhone app called RedLaser that could read bar codes and deliver price results with pretty good speed. Unfortunately, those results no longer include Amazon, effectively rendering it useless. However, there's something better - Pic2Shop. It's significantly faster, returns results from many more venues than RedLaser did (including Amazon) - and it's free! Also, you can set it up to open in the scan mode. Search for it in your app store.

We also recently reviewed a new iPhone version of the highly useful eBay search service Terapeak and were very disappointed at the 45-day search limit, as opposed to the 90-day limit available online. Well, good news. This has been fixed, and you can now enjoy 90-day searches on your iPhone as well.

Finally, look for issue #60 of the Gold Edition soon - "VHS R.I.P.? No way!" - a detailed guide to buying and selling VHS products. There's still money to be made, guys. For special prices on BookThink premium products, click here.

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