From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#138, 21 September 2009

So you think online bookselling is in trouble? Hah. Never before in its relatively short history has it been easier for serious booksellers to totally outclass the competition. Just look around you, and most of us already know that you don't have to look far. Fine and dandy, you might be thinking, but, no matter who the competition is, I've still got to find books to sell - good books. And that's getting more and more difficult to do by the moment. Hah again. Can't find enough inventory? Well, buy from that very competition you're outclassing. No, I'm not revving up to more advice about buying inventory online; rather, today's feature article is about something that, in my opinion, you absolutely have to learn how to do well if you want to make a go of bookselling in the coming years.

Next up is Pamela Palmer's Top 10 on eBay. The big news in the July top 10 fiction front was the sale of several science fiction and fantasy books. Venerable names such as Lovecraft, Heinlein, Herbert, and Arkham House were joined on the list by Edding's Polgara the Sorceress and Meyer's Twilight to fill half the list. In the area of non-fiction, Helmut Newton, Michael Jackson, and Muhammad Ali titles were interspersed with such works as Karakoram and Western Himalaya 1909 ..., the 2000 Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theatres limited edition, and a 1835 book on regency furniture. Continuing the best offer and BIN trend, only half the non-fiction list was purchased at auction.

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