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by Craig Stark

#135, 29 June 2009

A FAQ Addendum

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Now and again, when I get question after question on the same topic over an extended period of time, it makes sense to gather these questions together and clarify things. The topic I'd like to address today is BookThink's Premium Resources - the reports you put down hard-earned money for. Some of these questions have already been answered in our FAQ.

But even these could use some clarification. I'll start with the most frequently asked question.

1. Do you have a sample issue available? I'd like to get an idea of what I'm getting before I spend any money.

Perfectly reasonable request, and we address this in two ways. First, once a month, we publish a sample portion of the Gold Edition and QMR in the BookThinker, our free weekly newsletter.

You can subscribe here.

And access our archived newsletters here.

Also, on most BookThink pages, on the far right below our NewsBlog, you'll see a Google search box. Type in "Gold Edition Quotation" or "QMR Book" to return a list of these sample articles.

Second, if you'd like to see a complete premium issue, go ahead and buy one or two that interest you. If, after reading, you conclude that you're not going to benefit from the information, email us at and we'll refund your purchase ASAP, no questions asked.

This leads to the second most frequently asked question.

2. If I've already purchased several reports, can I get a discount on a package?

In a word, yes, and here's how it works. BookThink offers three report packages:

All issues of 50/50 (no longer published), the Gold Edition and the Quarterly Market Report (QMR) for $149.99.

All issues of 50/50 and the Gold Edition for $99.99.

All issues of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report for $69.99.

Every report purchase you make, whether it's a single issue, several issues or one of the partial packages above, is in effect an investment towards purchasing the complete ($149.99) package - that is, the total of all previous purchases can be applied toward the purchase of the complete package. You can also apply single issue purchases toward the purchase of a partial package - and, moreover, apply that partial package purchase toward the purchase of the complete package as well. Essentially, this ensures that $149.99 will be the most that you will spend on our reports.

3. What if I purchased a package some time ago? Is there a discount for purchasing the issues that have been published since then?

Yes. As we continue to publish new issues, we will compile them into annual packages, and any individual purchases you make on issues in these packages in the interim can be applied toward the purchase of the complete annual package when it becomes available.

4. How do I subscribe to the premium newsletters?

Largely for administrative reasons, we no longer offer subscriptions, but by purchasing reports under the above system, whether individually or in packages, you will realize the same savings we once offered via our subscriptions.

5. Is some of the information in these reports obsolete?

At BookThink, we focus on two things - more or less timeless principles of bookselling and up-to-date market information that can help you make money here and now. Obviously, the latter can and does occasionally obsolesce. We do our best to offset this by focusing as much as possible on books that are both relatively common and in sustained high demand - as opposed to those which are hot one day and cold the next. This ensures the longest possible shelf life of these reports. In any case, most of the information in the earlier reports has stood up well, and, when necessary, we've reduced the cost of these to compensate for the information which hasn't fared as well. But even in these reports we've taken care to include bookselling principles.

For a complete overview of our resources, to here.

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