Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#133, 23 March 2009

Two announcements today:

First, I'm not sure why we haven't done this before, but we're now offering a back issues package that includes EVERYTHING - all 57 Gold Editions, all 26 50/50s and all 6 QMRs. This is a massive compilation of profit-making information that most of your competitors don't have access to. Previously, this would have totaled $169.98 if purchased in two separate packages. For a limited time, get it now for only $149.99 here.

Second, if you're a vendor who intends to come out on the other side of this recession alive and kicking, one thing you might want to do now, if you haven't already, is cut expenses - and chances are one of your major expenses is advertising. Starting this evening, BookThink is running a 50%-off recession sale on all 6-month and 12-month banner and text ad packages. Note that this does not apply to single-month or single-issue insertions. Also, if you've already purchased an ad recently, you may extend it 6 or 12 months at the sale price. Keeping with the theme, this sale will extend to the day the stock market returns to 10,000 - so don't put it off! Go here for pricing.


Version 1.63 of BookHunt is now available. This version addresses the recent errors some of you have reported. If you don't receive an email with instructions for downloading by tomorrow evening at 7:00 CDT, please email Pam.

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