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Inventory Management Services

Maybe not so much to think about here but perhaps still worth looking at. These can range from $10 (The Art of Books) to over $50 a month. If you sell 100s of books a month, of course, it would be difficult indeed to eliminate your service, but if you're more of a part-time seller, perhaps you could put up with returning to manual management.

Fixed Venue Fees

Can you still justify your Amazon ProMerchant subscription? What about your eBay Store? Are ABE and Alibris still delivering enough sales to make their fixed fees worth it? A different answer for everybody, of course, but with used book sales down this spring, no doubt some of you could eliminate one or more of these and maintain your present level of sales.

Packaging Supplies

Could your present packaging method be replaced by one that's cheaper but every bit as professional and secure? My guess is YES, and I'll be offering my own suggestions for how to do this in an upcoming newsletter.

Doubtless there are many other examples, but maybe these will get you started down the path to savings.

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