From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#132, 2 February 2009

I don't like to admit this, but I had a pretty crappy December. Going into the fall bookselling season, I was expecting things to go well in spite of the economic climate. After all, it was Christmas! It wasn't time to practical, was it? Well, things did go okay for awhile, but then, immediately after Thanksgiving, the bottom fell out for me. December was deep and dark. For the first time in my bookselling career I was looking at a decline in sales. Was there anything to be done? You bet there was, and I'll share my January experience with you in today's feature article.

Some news for Gold Edition and QMR subscribers: Gold Edition #56 will be delivered Sunday evening, February 1, and QMR #6 will be delivered as soon as possible the following week. If you don't receive your copy, email me at If you aren't a current subscriber, please note that subscriptions are no longer available to our premium newsletters; issues can be purchased only singly here.

We're also running two specials on back issues:

1. All back issues of the Gold Edition and 50/50 (the former incarnation of QMR) for only $99.99.

2. Pick any five Gold Edition or 50/50 back issues for only $15.

Best bookselling wishes for the coming year!

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