From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#131, 5 January 2009

Wow, did I ever get a neat present for Christmas - an Apple iPhone 3G. This is the hottest thing out there in tech land and is packed with so many features that it'd almost be easier to tell you what it doesn't do. Among these features are several bookselling tools that will enhance your scouting big time. Details follow in my feature article, "Bookselling with Apple's iPhone 3G."

I'm getting reports that 2008 wasn't the greatest year for some of you. Though my sales heading into the holidays had been pretty good, October and November were just okay, and I recently wrapped up my worst December in recent memory. Pretty sobering, that. The good news is that this first week in January has been exceptional. I don't know what to expect for the coming year, but I do know that I'll be alert to anything and everything that can grow my business. If I come across something that helps, you'll be the first to know.

Meanwhile - believe it or not - my strategy is to list more books at eBay auctions. Not everything is going for astronomical amounts, but this accomplishes one very important thing: It produces cash quickly and helps a bookseller like me ride out challenging times.

If you could use some additional bookselling info going into the 2009 season, there's good news at BookThink. Our complete back issues package is on sale for $99.99 - regularly $149.99. This includes all Gold Editions and 50/50s published to date. (It does not include QMRs.) Purchase it here.

A reminder: We archive all back issues purchases, and, if you're interested in purchasing a back issues package, we credit all previous purchases. For example, if you've purchased five individual back issues for a total of $25, your cost for the back issues package will be $74.99. Email me at and we'll figure up your total.

Also, take a look at some of our new offerings in the store. Example, our Pick 5 for $15 deal: Select any combination of five Gold Editions or 50/50s for only $15 - regularly $25. Purchase it here.

Finally, best wishes to all of you in the coming year. May it be a prosperous one!

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