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by Craig Stark

#129, 23 November 2008

This month's BookThinker Update features Pamela Palmer's Top 10 on eBay: "Modern fiction dominated its top 10 category with all titles published after 1950. In addition to the usual King, Fleming, and Tolkien, there's Meyer, Wallace, Card, and Tales of Suspense #39. BookThink readers likely will recognize the #11 title: The Highland Mole, by Gordon and Williams and signed by both, sold for $726.25. It was a 1st edition hardback, described as 1 of the 500 printed. The non-fiction list ranged from Hemingway's In Our Time at the #1 position to Jerusalem Windows at #10. Listing a book in the "wrong" category isn't uncommon, especially among high end works. Was it an error or a strategy? Only the U.S. seller knows for sure. For those of you tracking the fortunes of the Top 10 Antiquarian frequent seller, he or she shows up 3 times on the October 2008 list."

Also appearing in this issue are two other regular features - QMR Book of the Month (Canadian readers take special note) and Gold Edition Quotation of the Month. By the way, issue #55 of the Gold Edition is now available for purchase here [link].

Finally, two BookThink Gold Edition series best sellers have been added to our Kindle library on Amazon - the four-part How to Buy Inventory Online and the 8-part How to Become a Full-Time Bookseller.

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