by Craig Stark

#129, 23 Novber 2008

A Bookseller's Guide
to Book Club Editions

Part III, Book-of-the-Month Club Hot Spots
(and Potential High Spots)
Issue #55

Since issue #55 of the Gold Edition consists almost entirely of lists, I won't offer an excerpt this month but will specify exactly what these lists are.

  1. BOMC Firsts (first book offered to members, first book published by the Book-of-the-Month Club, first book of poetry, and so on)

  2. BOMC Publications by Nobel Prize Winners

  3. BOMC Publications That Won the Pulitzer Prize

  4. BOMC High Spots (books that will sell for $20 and up in VG/VG condition or better)

  5. BOMC Ephemera

  6. BOMC Main Selections, Dividends and Alternates, 1926-1966 (huge list!)

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A final note: I've devoted two issues of the Gold Edition to the Book-of-the-Month Club not only because there's money to be made reselling selected BOMC books and ephemera but also because it's important to understand that a significant number of first edition identification problems encountered by booksellers have their genesis in BOMC publications - and this primarily due to this company's commitment to producing books that were nearly identical to their trade counterparts. It's crucial, therefore, to know how to distinguish them. Moreover, if we have a complete list of BOMC publications, this will alert us to potential identification issues, which can then be investigated.

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